Friday, April 27, 2012

Ewe Bet Farm

Ewe Bet you can find locally grown, grass fed lamb in Bentonville! Mike and Mary Jo own Ewe Bet Farm in Cave Springs and attend the Bentonville Farmers Market. They also supply lamb to Tusk & Trotter and River Grille.

Driving up to Ewe Bet, I couldn't believe how close it was to Downtown Bentonville, it was about a 15 minute drive all on paved roads. Mike met me at the gate and showed me to the garage, where he has three freezers full of USDA lamb.

Mike and Mary Jo have a picturesque farm, with so much going on I don't know how they keep it straight! They have a small orchard with apple and peach trees. A garden, blueberry and blackberry patch also occupy the farm. 

Mike told me that the farm started with honey. They had excess honey and started selling it. They began to think what else they could produce in excess to feed others, and that is how they got started in the sheep business. Here is a picture of a bee hive, swarming with bees producing wonderful sweet honey.

Ewe Bet Farms takes delight in their sheep, that are raised on high quality pasture. Mike explained to me that they spoon feed their pastures 3 times a year and plant clover so their sheep have the best possible pasture to graze on. This is one happy ewe!

One unique service that Ewe Bet offers is a bed and breakfast. They have one spacious radiant room available, the room has a private deck and Mary Jo will serve breakfast when guests wake up. Breakfast will consist of ingredients found on the farm. Remember those apples, peaches, and berries? The guests can roam around the farm while eating a ripe apple picked directly from the tree. 

Jill, Ray, and Steve certainly enjoy the view and the food at Ewe Bet Farm. Stop by the Bentonville Farmers Market, opening April 28th from 7:00am to 1:00pm on the Bentonville Square. 

In the meantime, stop by Ewe Bet Farm's website to see what else they have in store. 

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